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health department issues rabies precaution

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August 9, 2016 CONTACT: Amie M. Downs
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Health Department Issues Rabies Precautions for Residents and Pet Owners

PITTSBURGH – On the evening of August 8, a coyote attacked an individual in Lincoln Borough. This morning, the animal was shot and killed by the Lincoln Borough Police Department. Employees of the Pennsylvania Game Commission transported the animal to the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) lab where it tested positive for rabies. All involved parties have been notified and the bite victim has already begun post-exposure treatment.

The Health Department is advising all residents to be cautious of stray and wild animals. Pet owners should also vaccinate their pets against rabies, and keep them away from stray and wild animals as well. Use caution when leaving your pet outdoors. Because coyotes are pack animals, there may be others which are infected.

Any individual who is bitten, scratched or otherwise exposed to saliva from a stray or any other animal, should immediately cleanse the contact area with soap and water, seek emergency medical treatment and call the Allegheny County Health Department, 412-687-2243 (ACHD), to report the incident. When assisting a pet which has encountered wildlife or a stray animal, wear rubber gloves when handling your pet, cleanse any wounds with soap and water and take your pet to a veterinarian for examination.

Rabies is a virus transmitted by an animal bite or scratch. It is almost always fatal when left untreated. However, the rabies vaccine is highly effective when given promptly after an exposure. The best prevention is to avoid stray animals, wild animals, or those acting strangely.

This is the seventh rabid animal reported in Allegheny County this year.

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Karen Hacker, MD, MPH, Director
Allegheny County Health Department – Public Information Office
542 Fourth Avenue • Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone (412) 687-ACHD • Fax (412) 578-8325 • www.achd.net

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